Integrated Development of 0-6 years old children :

One-day orientation was given to ECCD Communicators of unit-8 on growth monitoring, recording and reporting of ECCD activities and how to conduct home visits. Fourteen communicators attended the session. Refresher training was organized for ECCD Communicators of Badarpur. Two day training was organized for the Pre-school teachers main topics covered were how to interact with children of that age, how to identify interest and abilities of children, develop and use of teaching material.. Along with internal faculty an experienced resource person from NCRT conducted the training for 22 pre-school teachers. To promote male participation in ECCD and safe motherhood CASP-Plan organized one day Health mela in Badarpur community. Posters and other IEC material showing the role of other family members in child development was displayed and queries of the participants were responded by ECCD Communicators and Health Coordinator. Low cost demonstration and advise for ANC and PNC was the integral part of the mela. Community volunteers did publicity of the camp well in advance.

ECCD and Child Protection Mela was organized in Badarpur, unit-7. CASP Plan, Delhi organized a cultural program at Badarpur on 12th March, 2008 highlighting the various aspects of child protection in the context of Indian socio-economic conditions. The event proved to be instrumental in developing corps of volunteers as supreme treasures of community-responsible for taking future community actions. Live dance performances by pre-school children and children with unlimited abilities on demonstration of various livelihood activities which they could undertake moved the entire community into tears out of hopes and proud.

Lessons learnt :
The whole success of cultural event on child protection was based upon an excellent role played by the existing and previously trained volunteers having interest in different sectors such as health, education, income generation and community development. Many observations were made on the manner in which they were playing their role effectively and in a well co-ordination manner. Hence, following learning from their contribution can be recorded for further reference, record and strategic community interventions . NEED OF CAPABLE VOLUNTEERS realized After viewing the cultural program on child protection at Badarpur -It was that CASP Plan as an organization doesn't need anything else- all we hope for capable volunteers and community people for participating in our development endeavors and initiatives Utilization of volunteer's talent It was wonderful to observe that Kanhiya – a young actor trained by CASP Plan , Delhi played a dominant role in directing the cultural program and helped in selection of events and developing program schedule. Like wise Each of the volunteer had some or the other role as per their talent. Each one of them was sharing well defined roles and responsibilities e.g. selection of venue, tent arrangements, hospitality, training children, selection of cultural events, making schedule, invitation cards, gate passes, speech preparations, initiating feed back system, photographs etc. each one of them was enjoying the given role as it was of some interest to them . nothing seemed to be enthrusted upon them. No clash of interest were observed. Things went very smooth because of deep understanding of their respective roles and exact timings.

SEEKING MIND VOLUNTEERS AS SUPREME TREASURES. The volunteers were having problem seeking minds and really proved themselves to be the real and supreme treasure of community. These volunteers exerted themselves in tackling with the community problems and illuminated a thousand miles. BETRAYERS OF COMMUNITY-VOLUNTEERS WITH NO ACTION AND SPEECH . Just opposite of it, there are community people and volunteers who fail to speak out and take action for the sake of development of their own people, are no more than betrayers of the community. Role of NGO staff &community Those community volunteers who are striving hard on the forefront of lines of CASP Plan's movement for sustainable development of community , are unsurpassed treasures of community. Therefore, the rest of the community must co- operate and co-ordinate with such committed volunteers and the staff should act as catalyst agent for establishing healthy and productive relations between these two sets of people. Voluntarism irrespective of social positions . Volunteers are not defined by their social positions in the community but by their hearts and their sincere faith in CASP Plan's values and principles. Fighting spirit in voluntarism One of the most important quality of a volunteer is to have a challenging spirit. A fighter volunteer is a person who burns with a fierce passion to completely vanish any community problem that inflicts suffering or worries in the mind of community people. Expressing Gratitudes to volunteers Community people are also advised not to condone the volunteers rather recognize their profound debt of gratitude to the community as they spare their valuable time , money and energy for the noble cause of other's development. Fostering &Training volunteers CASP Plan staff including the development promoters and program officers should regularly watch the potentials of their volunteers, identify their training needs, foster and train them and make them grow with the passage of time. One to one dialogue between the CASP Plan staff and volunteers coupled with regular home visits is a must Meet them, talk with them and work side by side with them with a view to meet your pre-defined community goals and objectives in the context of short term and long terms development goals.

Communicable Disease :
CASP-Plan is running a DOT Centre in collaboration with Govt. 17 patients cured during the period.Awareness on T.B. and other communicable diseases HIV/ STD Initiative was taken to start new DOT Centre in Madanpur Khadar. PU has submitted application to TB Control Cell. Peer Educators training for out of school adolescents will be started in April08 in collaboration with Modi Care Foundation and Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

Quality Education for all with special focus on excluded Children :
One day training was given to the teachers of MPK on Library Management. Twelve Govt. Teachers attended the training imparted by UNMESH. Children with special needs and their parents visited A workshop was organized with the parents of children with special needs in MPK. Children with special needs participated in an outing organized by their parents and volunteers and supported by CASP-Plan in Delhi. One day workshop with parents of these children was organized at MPK.

Strengthening of Children's Group :
CRIC members prepared three Audio Program of five minutes each on mathematics, carrier guidance Meeting of Bal sabha children was organized on 26 th of jan08. In which about 70 children from all the unites participated and discussed the issues related to the functioning strengthening and future planning of Bal Sabha. CRIC members facilitated the meeting Children from MPK and Badarpur area participated in the Inter agency Competition organized by Jamia Millia Islamia University on 10 th of Feb08. Three CRIC members, namely Poonam, Hemlata and Randhir participated in the National level Consultation at Lucknow on 12-13 Feb,08 Children from Sweden had an interaction with members of CRIC.

Community Governance through CBO empowerment :
DEVELOPING COMMUNITY INTO SOLID CORPS Whether in a country, organization or a community, it's the people who count in terms of making difference in the quality of life of people. Therefore, there is a strong need of developing community groups into a solid corps of capable volunteers. During the period location wise community meetings were organized to identify potential leaders and volunteers. As it's the volunteers who are to shape the times and make history of the given community, the only way forward is for us to strengthen our networks of truly dedicated and courageous individuals ready to fight with community problems and issues. The CASP Plan development promoters and Program officer had inspired the volunteers with a zeal for new development initiatives. It is important to inspire each volunteer from time to time, meetings with CBOs were organized now is planned to review the existing CBOs.

Safe motherhood initiative :
Three-day training was organized for 10 new CHW of unit-8. Nutrition demonstration was organized at unit06 Health Mela was organized in collaboration with Mobile Creches and other NGOs at MPK. Different aspects of health care, service delivery and nutrition were demonstrated through street play by community women, low cost nutrition demonstration, and open discussion. Special focus was given on safe motherhood, Immunization, and early childcare and referrals. More than 300 community people visited the mela. Municipal Councilor was the chief guest, who ensured maximum cooperation from MCD.

Youth and women Empowerment :
CASP-Plan has already established linkages with JSS for vocational training, 26 girls completed training on “ Beauty culture”. Another batch of 25 girls will start in April 08.15 young boys and 6 girls were identified for computer training their training will start from 1 st of April 08. Two new groups were developed in badarpur area there are 10 members in each group. Supply of supplementary nutrition to ICDS anganwadies is continued through 10 SHGs.

Visitors :
During the period 195 visitors visited the program area in 22 days including 17 students from Swedon and 110 students from Indra Gandhi National Open University ( IGNOU), 20 students from Jamia Millia Islamia, university and 10 sponsors.

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Status of sponsored children -

Total      4838
Boys      2000
Girls       2838

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