CASP is conducting various programs through it’s 7 offices and 1 partner organization

Unit Focus Area Project Name
Mumbai Unit Child Sponsorship Sponsorship program for deserving and needy children
Mumbai Unit Educational Support to Marginalized girl children Project at Worli slums sposored by DASRA Mr. Sonjoy Chatterjee
Mumbai Unit Educational Support to Marginalized girl children Project at Bhandup slums Sponsored by DASRA Ms. Lalita Gupte
Mumbai Unit Long term Educational Support to Marginalized Girl Children Project at Bhandup slums sponsored by GiveIndia- CIBIL
Mumbai Unit Foster Care Project (Bal Sangopan Yojana) for children of Mumbai City and Mumbai Suburban supported by Govt. of Maharashtra.
Mumbai Unit Other Projects Sr. Citizen Centers (Four) for Elderly people at, Mahim Fisherman Colony, Andheri Marol and Fillterpada , Powai Sponsored by Bombay Community Public Chritable Trust
Mumbai Unit Balwadi for 3 to 5 Years Old, at Marol Centre, Andheri
Mumbai Unit School Improvement Program (SIP) supported by Plan India
Mumbai Unit Bal Panchayat at Panduranga Vidyalaya, Bhandup supported by LMBPT
Mumbai Unit Health and Vocational Projects Sarvodaya project 1 – Filterpada, Powai– Health and vocational training project i.e. Advance Tailoring Course sponsored by Larsen & Toubro Public Charitable Trust, Mumbai
Mumbai Unit Sarvodaya Project 2- JVLR (Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road) health and Vocational training project i.e. Basic Tailoring , Catering & Electrical Wireman Course, sponsored by Larsen & Toubro Public Charitable Trust, Mumbai
Mumbai Unit
Mumbai Unit Sarvodaya Project -3 MADH project – Health and WES project, sponsored by Larsen & Toubro Public Charitable Trust, Mumbai
Mumbai Unit Vocational Training in different skills i.e. Computer education, Beautician course & Advance Tailoring Cousre at Marol,Andheri
Mumbai Unit Vocational training program – Basic Tailoring course at Bhandup sponsored by Shri Kumaramangalam, Birla
CASP Plan Delhi Child Sponsorship Early Childhood Care and Development ( ECCD), supported By Plan India
CASP Plan Delhi Water Environment Sanitation ( WES), supported By Plan India
CASP Plan Delhi Children’s Participation in Governance, supported By Plan India
CASP Plan Delhi Health, supported By Plan India
CASP Plan Delhi Creches for Children of Construction worker Supported by Plan India
CASP Plan Delhi Education Pre-School Centre Supported by 35 A.C.
CASP Plan Delhi School Library
CASP Plan Delhi Promoting Education
CASP Plan Delhi Protection Child Labor Project , supported by Plan France
CASP Plan Delhi Child Protection and Participation
CASP Plan Delhi Safer City for Girls
CASP Plan Delhi Health Facility Swactaha Ki Aur
CASP Plan Delhi Health Programs Eye Care  supported by Dr. R.P. Centre AIIMS & Jamia Dental College
CASP Plan Delhi Tuberculosis Center
CASP Plan Delhi Community Facilities  School Improvement (CCK)
CASP Plan Delhi Water and Improved Sanitation Supported by Plan India
CASP Plan Delhi ESCORT School Project , Faridabad
CASP Plan Delhi Vocational Training Self Help Groups (SHGs)
CASP Plan Delhi SAKSHAM Youth Economic Empowerment Project
Pune Rural Unit Empowering Women Livelihood support given to Women in difficult circumstances supported by Plan India funded by Axis Bank Foundation
Pune Rural Unit Empowering Children Remedial classes of Children. Supported by Plan India Funded by HSBC
 DELHI Unit Child Sponsorship Children Sponsorship Program
 DELHI Unit Nanhi Kali (Girl’s education Project)Supported by K. C. Mahindra Education Trust
 DELHI Unit Tihar Jail Project (care & support for inmate’s children supported by Terre Des Homes, Denmark and K C Mahindra Education Trust
 DELHI Unit Community Library & E – Learning Centre
 DELHI Unit Women empowerment Self Help Groups (SHGs)
 DELHI Unit Awaz Uthao Project ( women safety) supported by Delhi Government
 DELHI Unit Bridge  School (Women Education Project) supported by HCLT Foundation
 DELHI Unit Education Sports Club
 DELHI Unit Supplementary Education centres ( Primary Clasess)  Supported by Haldor Topsoe, India
 DELHI Unit GURUKUL (supplementary education and career guidance )supported by HCLT Foundation
 DELHI Unit ECCD Pre-School Centre (Balwadi) supported by A. C. International Child Support, Denmark (Development Fund)
 DELHI Unit Community Development Clean Khadar Project
 DELHI Unit Vocational Training Computer Training Centre
 DELHI Unit Health Health Programmes (Eye & Dental Clinic) supported by Dr. R.P. Centre AIIMS & Jamia Dental College
 GUJARAT Unit Sponsorship Child Sponsorship Programm
 GUJARAT Unit Child Centered Community Development Activities Computer Training Centre
 GUJARAT Unit Tailoring Training Centre
 GUJARAT Unit  Career Guidance Program Women Entrepreneurship Training
 GUJARAT Unit Environmental Sanitation in Lakadiya Village
 GUJARAT Unit Support for Praveshotshav Program of Government (School Enrolment Program)
 GUJARAT Unit Center Children’s Library & Sports Corner
 GUJARAT Unit Remedial Education
 GUJARAT Unit School Support Children Library in Schools
 GUJARAT Unit Infracturtcre support to school
 GUJARAT Unit Computer Education in School
 GUJARAT Unit Bal Panchayat  Bal Panchayat supported by Linda Morse Bal Panchayat Trust
 GUJARAT Unit Community Development Self Help Groups (SHGs)
 GUJARAT Unit Youth Group
 GUJARAT Unit Girls Higher Education Project ( Badagardh)
 GUJARAT Unit Vagad Mahila Swawalambhan Project Supported by Ivan Dalsgaard
 GUJARAT Unit  Food and Medicines Program supported by TdH Denmark
 GUJARAT Unit Linkages with Govt. to avail Govt. Scheme benefit
Raigad Unit Child Sponsorship General Sponsorship Programme
Raigad Unit  Other Projects  Balwadi (Pre School Centre ) supported by Enfant du Monde, France
Raigad Unit  Bal Panchayat Three Bal Panchayats Groups – Supported by Linda Morse Bal Panchayat Trust
Raigad Unit Education Study Classes at Irwadi, Kandalepada and Apta
Raigad Unit Meritorious project supported by AC International, Denmark.
Raigad Unit Vocational Training Vocational training Center-Tailoring & Computer courses supported by Shri. Kumarmangalam Birla
Pune Unit Child Sponsorship General Sponsorship
Pune Unit Community Centered Child Development in Pune Dist.
Pune Unit Healthcare Integrated Child Development Through Sponsorship Scheme at Villages in Shirur Taluka supported by Whirlpool India Ltd.
Pune Unit Education Ensuring Education Continues (Support for children likely to drop out of education) in Janta Vasahat supported by Yardi Software.
Pune Unit Water and Sanitation Hyiegne Project Child friendly infrastrutre development
Pune Unit Urban WASH Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalya Project by USAID, Coca Cola India Pvt. Ltd. And Plan India
Pune Unit Advoacy and spreading awareness about drinking water and sanitation to Govt. Official
Rajgiri Outreach Kerala Child Sponsorship Child Sponsorship Program
Rajgiri Outreach Kerala Child Centered Community Development Activities
Rajgiri Outreach Kerala Vocational Training Two Women Entrepreneurship Programme- Self Help Groups-at Arattupuzha and Edavanakkad

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